It is about 6am and iam scrolling through the newsfeed on my facebook timeline, one particular update by my learned sister, elder and mentor( i would write an entire blog profiling her) catches my eyes. It is by Jackie-Asiimwe Mwesige(JAM), she is saying that while we berate the NRM youth for kneeling in statehouse, we are all kneeling down by either commission or ommission. Perhaps we need to understood the symbolism of kneeling, in Uganda not all regions kneel but all show respect. Therefore when we say Mzeei thats a subconscious way of kneeling and respecting the elder. When we fear to speak because the elder will get annoyed, we are kneeling. And thats the worst kind of kneeling because it is not physical we let it grow and pass.


Therefore the tragedy is not that the youth are kneeling(thats for another day) .The real issue is that we haveā€¦

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