‘Every state must have a nation to look up to’ martin Luther king.

This is the same for human beings especially you, as I tell who ma top ten admired people in Uganda are, Just be a little smarter and tell me your role model, if none don’t pretend u have one, at least mention BUKENYA GILBERT.



One of those polished columnist, you must have seen his column by mistake trying to get to swag section of the Saturday vision. By the way he played cricket and has several awards to his name internationally including a hand shake with the queen of England in the early 70s.

He is the founder of Britain’s most prestigious cricket magazine THE CRICKETER. Finally he is also sevo’s media adviser. To add to that he is the boy behind the kabaka museveni relations in the bush. By da way he is also a budonian. I don’t love him because he likes club, I adore him coz he deserves it.



Of course many’s best lawyer; ask Dr kizza besgiye and captan mukula. He formerly practiced in England with a QC. I love him for his line of argument and reasoning but more so his simple approach to life, I mean with all da cash he has, he can still be driven in a rav4. That is good uncle.



Former vice president of Uganda, prime minster and prezo adviser. He owned kisseka market, hospitals in Kenya Nairobi and Uganda. He really had the money you ask sevo he will attest that ‘oyo omusiija financed my bush war’.  


I love him not because he was my grandfather but because I had access to the home library and I listened to his speeches and read his writings, they all look visionary.

By the way prof Apollo says he was his role model




He is a polished political anyalasist very simple in his submission and a guy any woman will love,perherps I would force man sis to push out with him unfortunately he is married to platus.

He is a former dancer but how he jumped the line to begin giving lecturers in oxford, havard and Yale GOD KNOWS.






Wholesome political anyalasist and a young celebrated lawyer, he is the general sectary of the law society. He is one of those good UCU boys. He also lectures human rights in Cape University.



Country’s pm, very composed and attractive politician and lawyer, he has been insulted to be a thief I mean corrupt but he still remain simple composed and focused. Bravo Amama don’t be a coward go for the big position you deserve it.






She is and aero engineer and one of the cherished staff of Uganda airlines, but she is an international public servant now executive director at oxfarm. She also worker at UNDP. She is married to DR kizza b.




He features on men a tv show on ntv,this guy is like ma KOJJA coz I have come in the know of what women want both outdoor and indoor, ask my girlfriend Ethel. Thanxjos.



He inspired me to begin writing, I remember at one function at school I wrote a poem about him and he splashed 300000 bacs to me, it’s from that time that I started objective writing.

He is also former PM. Many girls have said he is the most handsome politician.






‘Your daddy was a very easy, composed and clam guy, you could even see it in his hand writing, I felt just like Dianna the day he honoured my invention to my room Mary Stuart room A23 IN 1981’. My mother on Christmas eve 2013.


But for me I love my daddy coz he is been there for me all the time but more so dat he loves UGANDA WARAGI just like I do.