If a farmer has a flock of ducks for both meat or egg production and another has chicken for the same purpose in same quantities, one with a duck flock will get more profit.

A duck flock doesn’t need a lot attention, the most basic is water and of course shelter. A duck flock will rarely be struck by disease,this means that a youth will have time to do other things other than being on the farm all the time but most importantly he will spend less on vaccinations and medication.

A flock of a layer ducks, say15 khaki camp- bells and 15 Indian runner ducks are capable of laying 300 eggs each in a year. These ducks begin to layer eggs at 3 to 4 months and lay even in their second year that is average.If supplied with protein and other feeds they can go up to 360 eggs in a year. It is very hard to have such a production rate among a chicken flock, because they start late to lay eggs and finish first compared to ducks. A duck’s egg is bigger in size and in quantity, making it a better option for baking business because it weighs 20 more gms than a chicken egg.

To keep them for meat is even better; the Muscovy duck which is local can reach 3kg in 4 weeks and by 12 weeks to 7kg or 6kg a male.I don’t know of a local chicken that weighs such in that time span.There are other breeds that are even better than the Muscovy ducks like the white pekin and Aylesbury. Ducks also give off other products like feathers used to make pillows and duvetson addition their feathers like chicken’s can also be used for design.

many nutritionists have alluded to the fact that ducks meat is more nutritious compared to any other poultry meat.

The duck is by far better bird for commercial poultry than chicken because the brooding ducklings is very easy given the fact that they are harder than chicks, it morality rate is very low ,ducks don’t need a lot of supplements like chicken because they do that by foraging, they have a long profitable span, don’t need elaborate housing, ducks are good for integrated farming like fish duck farming, ducks also fight poultry predators like the eagles and can easily feet in a free range system trained to go to a pound and come back which makes them more intelligent compared to chicken.

The government should do everything possible for Ugandans to have breeds like the Indian runner and khaki Campbell. its should also teach farmers the importance of duck farming and its practices.

Luwagga Allan

Duck farmer and law student