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For fresh coffee-loving Westerners — a love so deep it’s worth a legal war — it may come as a shock that the other half of the world prefers what Americans can barely fathom: instant coffee. (And no, coffee pods don’t count.)

Preferences for fresh coffee and instant coffee largely dominate the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, respectively, according to a new report by Euromonitor International. The split is closely aligned to the coffee-tea preference split, and not coincidentally: regions like the Asia-Pacific where tea is the dominant hot drink are emerging coffee markets, where the affordable, do-it-yourself nature of instant coffee is only just beginning to induct tea-drinkers into the coffee-drinking lifestyle. Moreover, instant coffee pre-mixed with cream and sugar appeal to Asian palates more than fresh, bitter coffee.

Here’s a map showing which countries prefer instant or fresh coffee, with roughly split by an imaginary line dividing the…

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