Revelations on the Uganda Christian university guild elections

Article 87 clause 1 of the guild constitution is to the effect that general elections be held in the September semester, this is the pedigree for the shift of the election semester from January to September. The semester having the highest populace means the elections are unique compared to previous election calendars. 2013 saw the first election held in the September calendar and events were evidently shocking and new in UCU political arena. It’s therefore no wonder that populated places have a high crime rate or are very innovative, UCU will have to choose between those.This year’s elections will be manifested by the following;

  1. Growth of political parties at faculty level.

Article 27 clause 2 (c) guild constitution bears a language that each faculty may send a nominee to the joint selection board (JSB) who can later become a candidate that means every faculty will aim at presidency. This will see growth of informal political parties’ disguising as faculty student associations. Students with in a particular faculty shall begin to fund raise for the applicant, deter all other students who want to apply so that only one student applies to the faculty and later solely nominated. All characteristics of a good party shall be manifested like concussing, primaries and fund raising. All these shall be done in the know and under the leadership of faculty student associations.

After failure to be approved at the JSB, applicants shall seek alliances with successful candidates from friendly faculties.

That is against the guild constitution, “stands on his or her own merit, and does not officially represent or receive contributions from a national party”[1]emphasis mine.

  1. Law students will have the greatest influence

The cabinet will contain 40% law students and they will head key ministries including finance. Most of the open constituents like resident, none resident shall be filled with at least one law student. This is because most law students will unity against business students and they will have access to funding from organizations within the university like center for constitutional governance etc.

Finally a law student will either be president or vice president and every presidential candidate camp will have a law student in high leadership.

  1. At least two first year aspirants for member parliament.

Following the decision in Luwagga and Tolit vs. UCU guild attorney general and electoral commission.First years will be inspired to aspire and the possible positions will include Member of Parliament for the residents, MP Law and other faculties.

  1. High voter turn up and nominees.

Because the election will be held at a time when many are on semester and the fact that there will be highly publicized on social media and print media like campus bee. Many students will turn up on the voting day.


  1. University parliament should amendment article 27 to give the JSB first instance jurisdiction to access applicants so that they apply directly and avoid faculty nominees.
  2. Encourage other students to stand and if possible the university should carry out sensitization seminars through the university public relations office.Monitor external organization with chapters in the university to combat financial assistance to aspirants or write to the organizations directly. Equip the guild tribunal with necessary man power to handle electoral petitions because we shall have two.


The writer is a Mariana fellow


[1] Article 27 clause 1 (e)