Ibrahim W.K. Batambuze IV

By Karane Tuhirirwe

Shisha smoking which is said to have originated from Asia has picked up in Kampala as a lifestyle for most socialites. It has quickly spread like bush fire and you won’t miss the sight of a group of shisha smokers in many upscale and downtown hang outs. Due to this worrying trend, the media has been awash of stories of how Parliament is now considering to completely ban it from Uganda.

Shisha has generally been defined as a glass-bottomed water pipe in which fruit-flavoured tobacco is covered with foil and roasted with charcoal. The tobacco smoke passes through a water chamber and is inhaled deeply and slowly; the fruit-flavoured tobacco tastes smooth and smells sweet.


According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) a shisha smoking session may expose the smoker to more smoke over a longer period of time than occurs when smoking a…

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