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A strong core is important for maintaining back heath, balance, and overall strength for sports and leisure activities. Many people, pulled as they find themselves to be by home and work obligations, feel they do not have time to devote to core strengthening. If you’re one such person, let me share with you a great Pilates DVD I own. It has several ten-minute workouts.

I try to do the ten-minute core strengthening routine every day, and I am able to complete it in just under an hour. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is true! Allow me explain by way of timeline:

decide to do the ten-minute Pilates DVD

8:01 – 8:05:
take off work clothes,
throw on t-shirt,
wander pantslessly around the house in search of leggins,
find them in the laundry room (still dirty),
put them on anyway

8:06 – 8:08:
unroll yoga mat,

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