a legal say about Scotland and England on tasx

James Campbell

I have read and listened to the views of Professor Adam Tomkins, lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Glasgow, as published in an ongoing series of articles and interviews on the Vote No Borders website.  See:  http://www.votenoborders.co.uk/professor_a_tomkins  As a former practising English lawyer with an amateur but semi-informed understanding of constitutional issues, I’d like to summarise his views and respond to some of them.  

If I am honest, this article is a bit dry and long so if you read any of it, please jump to the “Conclusion” section at the bottom.

  1. Further devolution

Professor Tomkins gives his support to further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament, particularly full income-tax raising powers.  He regards the referendum as an opportunity to create a new constitutional settlement for all UK nations, including England.  He doesn’t mention federalism or give any further detail as to what this…

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