lets gang up against cyber crime


Cybercrime has been defined by DR.kakoza Anthony as the misuse of computers through the following ways; data interception, unauthorized access, network sabotage, data theft and data modification. It therefore results into crimes like cyber terrorism, hacking, sexual assault, Internet usage policy abuses, intellectual property infringement, impersonation, virus manufacturing, child pornography, illegal purchase of goods, industrial espionage.[1]  A few crimes have been reported here in Uganda and a few have been successfully prosecuted, with the latest being the 9 year jail sentence of Belgian nationals.

Vision 2040 stipulates that Ugandans must be very innovative in order to realize development, this cause is being stupide by cyber crime. The arts industry is an icon for innovativeness and creativity, it employs a huge section of the urban population ranging from artists, musicians, actors ,TV personalities and others. All these professionals solely relay on their concepts or compositions as intellectual property.  “The…

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