Dr.rev senyonyi,
Dean school of law,
University legal officer,
Guild president 
Chief Justice of tribunal,
Justices of the tribunal,
Law report committee.

Am an ordinary law student.I love coffee,jazz and band music.
I value my social life so much and I socialize a great deal,my recent day at the coffee shop revealed a lot about the guild tribunal.
As I waited for my order, a girl joined my table.she looked a party animal but what she shared merits this letter.
She begun by appreciating My shirt (I was dressed in the New UCU law school shirt) and then she went on and on……………..
She asked if I was a law student and I replied that I was an engineering student”of course you don’t expect me to reveal the whole me to a beautiful stranger”. Then she added ” your law school looks organized from moots ,law society to the tribunal,everything seems hands on and student centered” 
I asked how and when she came to learn of the tribunal, she replied that at Benin university the university had resolved to set up similar quasi court and she had been chosen to first track the project and as a result of constant googling she came a cross a WordPress blog by the ucu guild tribunal which she followed hence her knowledge.
She added that she is in Uganda to track the same.
It’s high time we value the tribunal as a quasi judicial body for the university. Which should be given technical ,financial and moral support to adjudicate matters.

I Suggest that a technical person be provided by the university through the faculty to re edit the law reports of the tribunal not because their are mistakes but because their need to be involved in the UCU law school publications and be recognized in Uganda.

While deciding these cases,special notes should be given because some cases attach new areas of law le social media and internet related matters such notes will be important to jurisprudence in Uganda.

I see this as a new way of involving law students in publications which are edited by qualified and reputed scholars at the school.

Through the university publication relations office , I suggest that the law reports should be given a section on the main web site or in the docket of the law faculty.

I know the faculty is thinking big, but small things matter a lot.
“I like the way this university is teaching law, l have interacted with former students under my clerkship and I can say,you are on the right track ” justice Bati katureebe during the last lawyer symposium.