Duck Pie

IMG_0404 Venice (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

Los Angeles isn’t exactly a walking city. It’s neighborhoods are far apart, crisscrossed by arterial roads and linked by twelve-lane freeways, and there’s no respite from the Southern California sun along treeless streets. But in driving everywhere, you lose something: the façades. Los Angeles is a great city for observing. And as great as it is for people watching, it’s even better for its buildings. Not the landmark buildings, but the mundane ones, the squat, nearly identical one- and two-story boxes that line every avenue and boulevard and present themselves to passersby, if they really look, through distinct riots of colors and signs and text and graphics. L.A. has a unique magic, but you have to slow down and get out of your car to see it. Here are a few photos from a four days’ wander around Tinseltown.

IMG_0042 New Chinatown (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

IMG_0046 New Chinatown (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

IMG_0059 Chinatown (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

IMG_0062 New Chinatown…

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