In April the University was ranked second in Uganda, The report by New Vision Gave a comment that i didn’t Understand until yesterday when Vice president of the Guild Government resigned Because she was going to Take part in elective partisan politics contrary to the Guild Constitution. The report states that apart from UCU students being Poor time and Project mangers, they are also not CREATIVE. Rev.Dr. Senyoyinyi(VC) in one of his Summons referred to them as Maintenance Officers, in other-wards a UCU student will  not add a thing to a company nor will he/she take away anything.Am reliably informed that Seven Human Resource Officers during the Research said “For UCU students its all about obeying the rules of the Organisation and nothing else”.

Most Students here only value Obedience rather Reason,Similar to the Duck Theory call it Primary and Secondary school politics. The rationale is Obey and Reason why After Campus. You don’t question why your not allowed to put on short dress,a jean,gle hair for boys and why unmarried Girls are not allowed to conceive. Am also informed that Guild leaders are not allowed to take part in partisan politics Pursuant to Article 29(1,e) of the Guild Constitution.

Does the University Administration Assess the Effects of some of these medivial rules or they are just Influenced By the BibleThats a question to be answered by PRO officers of UCU.

The Obedience policy and theory Of UCU has negatively Affected student’s creativity. I know friends who have Dropped their Jobs in town just to Obey the 75% class attendance policy. The policy leaves students with no time to think and be Creative or concentrate on other things outside class. Remember most classes ran from 7.30 to 7.30 monday to saturday.That policy is much suited to secondary schools.

With due Respect to Hon N.Sharon, Her Resignation is a Pure manifestation of the Obedience theory which is contrary to reason common among many UCU students.

I have had the privilege of looking at her resignation letter addressed to the Guild president. She states that because she intends to take part in NRM primaries in June and the UCU Guild constitution is against guild officials taking part in partisan politics She therefore resigns.

Although She Didn’t mention any Article she would Contravene,i will reproduce a relevant article about the same.

Article 27,1,e Guild Constitution;

Qualifications and Requirements for Presidential Candidates.

(1) In order to participate in the Guild president nomination process as a potential candidate a student must meet the following substantive requirements:

  1. (a)  Meet the requirements for Guild Member of Parliament.
  2. (b)  Has spent at least an academic year as a registered student of the University and is enrolled for an academic program;
  3. (c)  Is able and willing to affirm and subscribe to the Instruments of Identity of Uganda Christian University;
  4. (d)  Is a baptized and confirmed member of the Church of the Anglican Communion that is in fellowship with the Church of Uganda (Anglican) and;
  5. (e)  Stands on his or her own merit, and does not officially represent or receive contributions from a national political party,

The Article only applies to guild Presidential nominations, it only bars him or her from being endorsed as a Flag Bearer of a Political and receiving funds from aParty while standing for an office in UCU. 27 doesn’t deter the guild president or VP from contesting a parliamentary seat at the national level with funds from a political party.

Its a misconception aggravated by the University Obedience theory and the rule of Fear that students shouldn’t reason but obey the laws.

HON Sharon should withdraw her resignation because its constitutional  for her to stand ,i urge the guild president not to honour the letter away.Because Sharon can still serve the UCU community.

The University Administration and the Parliament needs to amend Article 27 to allow partisan politics in UCU if its students are to be of a Mega influence in future. The more students take part in party politics at campus the more they think creatively,big,get meaninfully mentors,role modes and exposed to the political arena of a country. University of Nairobi and MUK are reference campuses.

Solong as UCU students Can’t actively take part in National party politics they will remain underdogs to students of other campuses for the Next 50 years.