Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga

Depending on the lenses, each of us employs, to critically look at Mayiiga the Katikiro of Buganda, and his two years tenure, most of us will come up with either, good, bad, and all the in between.The only important and most indisputable fact of Msyiga’s tenure will be his capitulation to the bullying tactics of the dictatorship, leaving the people of Buganda and all Ugandans at the mercy of Museveni. He will be remember as “the Katikiro who rolled over” and also “the Etofaali Katikiro”.

The interest of Baganda, and Ugandans, TODAY, is not the restoring the Kasubi Tombs, or the finishing of Masengere, but establishing viable political conditions, that will endure and move the country forward, away from bad and corrupt leaders.

It would not be unfair to suggest Katikiro Mayiga, too, has fallen foul of the anti-bad government challenging stance, the…

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