If you haven’t heard of J.C. Hannigan you are in for a huge treat because she is someone I adore. I met her along with several other wonderful people when I joined Stigma Fighters. She was born with a chronic pain bone disorder called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses and I imagine writing was not only a way to cope with her world but it obviously fueled her passion to bring worlds to life for us.

I could list all the wonderful adjectives I think describe her but I won’t do her justice; she really is an inspirational superstar. We are all very lucky to have a soul like hers among us and I am proud to be hosting her here today. Please welcome J.C. Hannigan and be sure to support and stalk all her social sites.

11264414_10204420109925379_1677783181_nNo Good by J.C. Hannigan

I’ve seen many people in my life, locked into loveless…

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