farmer khaiti


Both the ducks and cows here are rotated through pastures (and the pigs too, but they are not my project.) It’s very satisfying to watch animals on grass, as good and natural a life as they should have.The ducks, when they come out of the barn in the morning race out in a line, waddling faster than you’d think possible. Some of them coast over the others, they can’t fly upwards really, as they are domesticated, but they can leap and coast slightly. Since they are egg layers, their body weight is too heavy to really go any distance. The joy in the ducks’ morning emergence is something nearly tangible, it makes me smile every single day! Last year I finally devised the perfect rotational setup for pastures with the ducks using a “chute” with “gates coming off of it- it is really nice to just use it now, instead…

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