Africans value marriage and sex,it is then linked to insane 
fertility rates and over population in the continent. In my country on average a Ugandan Lady is capable of 7 kids in her life span but remember life expectancy is 45 years. Most became mothers at 15 just after their culture wedding. Last week I attend one,though the Lady was 39 and had 5 kids parents kept on reckoning that she needed to have twins just to bless the wedding and also please da groom!!!!. To cope with the average African  women get kid a every after 2 years contrary to the recommended rate of 5 years. Ma grandma produced 20 between 14 and 50 years.

Such a culture expose our dear girls to sexually transmitted diseases at a tender age. Our sisters become pron to fistulas, suffer domestic violence and finally drop out of school.
That said I fell in love with the Kanza a Buganda official wear.


To be continued

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