A busy day it was, but as usual by 6 am am on my way home. I was soaked in thoughts attempting to mock my presentation in tomorrow’s meeting. After 15 minutes into da flight my favorite song plaid  close to my ear,On turning right, I witnessed beauty seated,she glared back but seemed not moved.
I Sat at ease and picked a magazine, I pretended to be reading she reminded me  that “I was reading it upsidedown”.Now
that was a bold from an African girl,in fact during African weddings they are advised not to be bold but to rather submit to the man.
In Uganda among the Basoga Its believed that a husband’s opinion is ultimate, the wife only follows.

I took a deep breathe, shelved the Agric Mag and turned right. Despite the slur, a few sentences were clear “hi…..what’s ur name…..”
The conversion went on and on,i even waived off Flight attendant’s plights of serving us  juice and a few European snacks.
We discussed a conflate of things from travel, hobbies to relationship, sex and marriage,the call to tighten our safety belts for landing cut Short the jazz. By then I had got her digits.

In a true African setting am not supposed to search for a marriage partner,its rather my father and immediate Uncle who should.
If I wanted Cathy for marriage, 1st I send my daddy and uncle to her,they ascertain that we are not related ,that she is disciplined and she is sexually posh. In some tribes the Uncle may Bonk her just to be sure,that she is good for bed.   A disciplined girl is one who will submit to the guy and kneel before him.
After that, my parents organize a wedding at their cost.


To be continued. 

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