Mayiiga will be remembered as “the Katikiro who rolled over” and also “the Etofaali Katikiro”!


Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga

Depending on the lenses, each of us employs, to critically look at Mayiiga the Katikiro of Buganda, and his two years tenure, most of us will come up with either, good, bad, and all the in between.The only important and most indisputable fact of Msyiga’s tenure will be his capitulation to the bullying tactics of the dictatorship, leaving the people of Buganda and all Ugandans at the mercy of Museveni. He will be remember as “the Katikiro who rolled over” and also “the Etofaali Katikiro”.

The interest of Baganda, and Ugandans, TODAY, is not the restoring the Kasubi Tombs, or the finishing of Masengere, but establishing viable political conditions, that will endure and move the country forward, away from bad and corrupt leaders.

It would not be unfair to suggest Katikiro Mayiga, too, has fallen foul of the anti-bad government challenging stance, the…

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The industry has under gone so far 4 revolutions. And these are as follows.

1) in 1760 industry went through the first revolution this involvee introduction of water steam powered mechanical manfacturing and development of machine tools and change of wood and other bio-fuel to coal and this resulted into the first steam engine made of iron and fueled primaryly by coal in Great Britain.

2) in the 19th century around 1840 industry went through the 2nd revolution known as the techinology revolution it involved introdution of electrically powered mass production. Build of railroads and large scale iron and steel production this revolution rapidly developed in Germany and United States.

3) in 1950s, industry went through the 3rd revolution which was named as the digital revolution. This involved the change from analog techinology to digital techinology. This involved use of electronics and IT to…

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rotational grazing

farmer khaiti


Both the ducks and cows here are rotated through pastures (and the pigs too, but they are not my project.) It’s very satisfying to watch animals on grass, as good and natural a life as they should have.The ducks, when they come out of the barn in the morning race out in a line, waddling faster than you’d think possible. Some of them coast over the others, they can’t fly upwards really, as they are domesticated, but they can leap and coast slightly. Since they are egg layers, their body weight is too heavy to really go any distance. The joy in the ducks’ morning emergence is something nearly tangible, it makes me smile every single day! Last year I finally devised the perfect rotational setup for pastures with the ducks using a “chute” with “gates coming off of it- it is really nice to just use it now, instead…

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Mbabazi ignores Museveni because of Frank Tumwebaze's nonsense on BBC! Mbabazi ignores Museveni because of Frank Tumwebaze’s nonsense on BBC!
Museveni is no match to JPAM when it comes to political deception, he beats his mentor hands down. Mbabazi is never in a hurry, he takes his time to study the situation and the outcome, but when he launches, he lives a mark. We’re so used to president Museveni’s lies because he is repetitive, the saaaaaaame lies, industrialisation this and that but nothing happens on the ground. Musajawo nga yayimba AGOA, ne value addition?

I’m going to conduct a one day course in reading letters without opening the envelop that conceals them for all UAH members. Didn’t I tell you that president Museveni was hoodwinked to hunt for small time supporters of Mbabazi upcountry when the actual promoters at work are part of his government? They are sited besides him and yet he can’t see them. Why can’t these people…

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NO GOOD by J.C. Hannigan


If you haven’t heard of J.C. Hannigan you are in for a huge treat because she is someone I adore. I met her along with several other wonderful people when I joined Stigma Fighters. She was born with a chronic pain bone disorder called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses and I imagine writing was not only a way to cope with her world but it obviously fueled her passion to bring worlds to life for us.

I could list all the wonderful adjectives I think describe her but I won’t do her justice; she really is an inspirational superstar. We are all very lucky to have a soul like hers among us and I am proud to be hosting her here today. Please welcome J.C. Hannigan and be sure to support and stalk all her social sites.

11264414_10204420109925379_1677783181_nNo Good by J.C. Hannigan

I’ve seen many people in my life, locked into loveless…

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building my herd, another crazy experience

farmer khaiti

Yesterday I woke up with the sun at 4:30, in a fabulous mood. I woke thinking of my friends, and feeling enveloped in love and support from them. Those warm fuzzies are a great way to start the day. For the past 5 years I haven’t been as good of a friend as I would like to be, but now that I have taken control of my life, I get to say YES to  my friends- graduation parties, hang outs, coffee meetups, farm visits. Friends are the family you hand choose, they are your tribe. I am so humbled and grateful for all those in my life who have stuck with me, and to witness our lives and relationships evolving and changing.

Anyways, I don’t get up at 4:30 usually, if I can help it, but yesterday was a very important day. I was going to meet two strangers from…

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Milton on Free Political Institutions: ‘The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates’ (1649), ‘A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Courts’ (1659), ‘The Ready and Easy way to Establish a Free commonwealth’ (1660)

Notes On Liberty

“He was, as every truly great poet has ever been, a good man; but finding it impossible to realize his own aspirations, either in religion or politics, or society, he gave up his heart to the living spirit and light within him, and avenged himself on the world by enriching it with this record of his own transcendental ideal.” (Comment on John Milton by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772-1834)

For my introduction to Milton see here, for my post on freedom of the press in Milton see here.

Milton made important arguments for the kind of political institutions which would serve liberty, as well as discussing to goal of freedom in discussion of opinion. Though there are two basic Milton texts identified here, I will not attempt to distinguish them here, let alone take into consideration every possibly relevant text by Milton. This is a period…

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Internet Anarchy


the continued and unabated leakage of sex tapes, their unrestricted access by both the old and morally virgin, will sooner than later lead us to a society where one is exposed, and is free to expose others as they wilt. This is what I sturdily term as “internet anarchy”.

Sex tapes have become an apparently amazing venture, for both the morally depraved and the inquisitive. On the other hand they have become so excruciating, a prick in the skin, to the main participants or victims. The issue of sex tapes comes hand in hand with the problem, or better, the utopia of the new age of technology. These become an issue where the main participants are, or at least one of them is recorded unknowingly, or they are undesirably exposed on internet. They also become an issue where all and sundry can access them.

I was graced with…

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