Duck Eggs In Uganda.

Many Ugandans haven’t had a chance of tasting the delicious favor rich and nutrient duck egg.
No doughty ducks produce the best poultry products including its orange large York egg.

This is attributed to the fact that most farmers have disregarded Duck Farming and have left that lucrative Business to a few of us. Well it’s good because we become Monopolies but its bad for development.
Their is a low supply of eggs because of low production which is also a result of a larger national Cancer called Subsistence Farming, were Farmers consume all the eggs at their farm.

I now Deal with the notion that chicken eggs are better than Duckies.

Duck Eggs protect people from Cancer.

Duck Eggs are an Alkaline producing food , which is an Anti-Cancer.
Farm Fresh Duck eggs with a rich smooth orange yolk will surprise you if an alkaline solution.

Duck eggs have twice the nutritional value of a chicken egg and stay fresher longer due to their thicker shell.

Duck eggs are richer with more Albumen making cakes and pastries fluffier and richer. Most Confectionaries in New York ,Paris,London etc have switched to use of Duck eggs because their cakes rise higher and provides them with an excellent taste due to high fat contents.

This means if you want your bread,cake etc to taste better try using duck eggs.

Email Luwagga at for orders with in Uganda and East Africa.

Duck Eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acids ..something you can actually see in the salted pickled eggs the Chinese love to eat. Omega 3 is thought to improve everything from Brain health to healthy skin and

Duck Eggs are an Alkaline producing food, one of the few foods that leave your body more alkaline which is a great benefit to cancer patients as cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment. Chicken eggs are an acid food leaving your body more acid.

There is one reason why many people are scared to try a duck egg and that is that the yolk contains about a 1 day supply of Cholesterol ..which is not good for heart diseases..well … This depends on what you believe about weight control and fat or cholesterol. We are only just beginning to understand the real effects of eating fat in our diet. In practice we know that healthy active people who exercise need fat in their diet, otherwise their bodies would generate the cholesterol itself. So good (HDL) cholesterol is good and will stop your body from producing its own cholesterol. Your body needs to know how to process fat and get the energy benefits. If it forgets how to process fat or has easier sources of fast energy as from hydro carbons then guess what, your body stores the fat as an energy source …hence your love handles are really stored energy.

All the above says there are great benefits from eating an egg a day…yolk and all. No YOLK – is not good advice – No Joke!

Egg Allergy Substitutes: One health benefit with duck eggs is that most people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs without allergic reactions.

Duck Eggs Are easily distinguishable, a considerably have a longer shelf life
Duck eggs are quite large compared to chicken eggs, which makes them easily distinguishable. Another distinct difference is that the duck egg’s shell is a lot tougher than a normal chicken egg’s shell. Though that makes them a lot more difficult to crack, it is also supposed to provide them with a considerably longer shelf life. By long, I mean six weeks at maximum, if you keep them refrigerated.
That also means less risk like breaking is involved in transportation because of harder shell.

The large size of the duck egg gives it a larger yoke to white ratio than a chicken egg. So if you want more yoke, duck eggs are what you should go for. With the larger size you definitely get more for your money, compared to a chicken egg!

Duck Eggs Have more Nutrients compared to chicken.
6x the Vitamin D, 2x the Vitamin A, and 2x the cholesterol in duck eggs vs chicken eggs. Duck contains about 75% of the Vitamin E in chicken eggs. Duck eggs reportedly also have more Vitamin K2, Duck eggs also are higher in calories for the same weight quantity, probably due to it’s slightly higher fat concentration. Also, keep in mind that the eggs of free-range, pastured animals generally have higher levels of vitamins and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The yolks are darker, yellower, indicating a higher nutrient density.

A 100 gm of duck egg will provide about 185 KCal of energy, compared to 149 KCal of energy provided by a chicken egg. Both types of eggs, match each other in terms of carbohydrate content, while the protein content is slightly higher in the duck eggs compared to chicken eggs. The mineral content of duck eggs is very similar. Both contain selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. The duck eggs contain slightly higher amounts of all these minerals.

Same is the case with vitamin content in both of them. The vitamin content too is similar, but duck eggs have a higher amount of each one of them, which includes thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and retinol.

100 gm of duck eggs will have about 3.68 gm of saturated fat, compared to 3.1 gm in chicken eggs. The mono unsaturated fat content is about 50% more in duck eggs as against chicken eggs. The amino acid content profile is also similar for both eggs, but again duck eggs contain more of them. The amino acids included are threonine, isoleucine, trytophan, leucine, methionine, lysine, cystine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, valine, serine, glycine, proline, aspartic acid, histidine, alanine, and arginine. The only minus point that duck eggs have is the considerably higher cholesterol content, compared to chicken eggs. 100 gm of duck eggs will contain 884 mg of cholesterol, compared to 425 mg in chicken eggs. That is why, people with history of heart disease should stay away from consuming duck eggs or moderate their intake.

Duck Eggs taste better than chicken eggs.
Duck eggs provide a taste that is different and tastier than chicken eggs according to most users. Individual tastes might vary, so it is best if you try one out to decide.Every thing that you do with a chicken egg, can be done with a duck egg. That includes scrambling them, poaching and baking. In fact, most expert bakers report that using duck eggs makes their cakes rise higher and provides them with excellent taste due to their high fat content. As the water content in duck eggs is lesser than chicken eggs, you need to be careful not to overcook them, which has a tendency to make them rubbery. The larger water content also makes the duck egg white harder to whip but they are worth the effort. Salted ducks eggs are a popular Chinese recipe that you might want to try out.


The QC of Choice for Rangers Fans Gets a New Job!

Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

Richard Keen QC, the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, has found his way into the minds of football fans through his high-profile involvement in matters connected to the Rangers saga.

To the universal acclaim of the Rangers faithful he acted for “Rangers” in the court challenge to the Disciplinary Tribunal imposition of a year-long registration “embargo” in 2012. He successfully persuaded the court that the Tribunal had exceeded its powers.

He re-appeared on the legal football field when acting last month for the “Rangers Rebels” and he succeeded in establishing that the Board had breached the Companies Act by refusing to allow the motion to appoint four new directors to be considered at the RIFC PLC AGM.

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Dr. Kihura Nkuba Wrong about Clergy on Electoral Reforms

Liberated, Finally – January 26

From Where I Stand

Liberated, Finally – Jan 26

I am generally allergic to your average motivational/inspirational speaker. Not because I hate motivation, but because, well, if you want to tell me something that works, do tell me how it works. Give me both the what and the how, for if I knew what you’re telling me, I wouldn’t have been in your audience in the first place. That’s the way it was done at home; it’s the way [good] schools did it. They teach you that knitting is potentially lucrative and teach you practical knitting. They teach you that leadership is good and empower you with good leadership skills. But when you just tell me, ‘balance your time between family and work’, without telling me which bit of work I should trim so I can spend more time with family, you ain’t being too helpful, friend. Same with when you just say, ‘avoid…

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Sharon’s Resignation a Cause For Reform in UCU Political Party Policy.

In April the University was ranked second in Uganda, The report by New Vision Gave a comment that i didn’t Understand until yesterday when Vice president of the Guild Government resigned Because she was going to Take part in elective partisan politics contrary to the Guild Constitution. The report states that apart from UCU students being Poor time and Project mangers, they are also not CREATIVE. Rev.Dr. Senyoyinyi(VC) in one of his Summons referred to them as Maintenance Officers, in other-wards a UCU student will  not add a thing to a company nor will he/she take away anything.Am reliably informed that Seven Human Resource Officers during the Research said “For UCU students its all about obeying the rules of the Organisation and nothing else”.

Most Students here only value Obedience rather Reason,Similar to the Duck Theory call it Primary and Secondary school politics. The rationale is Obey and Reason why After Campus. You don’t question why your not allowed to put on short dress,a jean,gle hair for boys and why unmarried Girls are not allowed to conceive. Am also informed that Guild leaders are not allowed to take part in partisan politics Pursuant to Article 29(1,e) of the Guild Constitution.

Does the University Administration Assess the Effects of some of these medivial rules or they are just Influenced By the BibleThats a question to be answered by PRO officers of UCU.

The Obedience policy and theory Of UCU has negatively Affected student’s creativity. I know friends who have Dropped their Jobs in town just to Obey the 75% class attendance policy. The policy leaves students with no time to think and be Creative or concentrate on other things outside class. Remember most classes ran from 7.30 to 7.30 monday to saturday.That policy is much suited to secondary schools.

With due Respect to Hon N.Sharon, Her Resignation is a Pure manifestation of the Obedience theory which is contrary to reason common among many UCU students.

I have had the privilege of looking at her resignation letter addressed to the Guild president. She states that because she intends to take part in NRM primaries in June and the UCU Guild constitution is against guild officials taking part in partisan politics She therefore resigns.

Although She Didn’t mention any Article she would Contravene,i will reproduce a relevant article about the same.

Article 27,1,e Guild Constitution;

Qualifications and Requirements for Presidential Candidates.

(1) In order to participate in the Guild president nomination process as a potential candidate a student must meet the following substantive requirements:

  1. (a)  Meet the requirements for Guild Member of Parliament.
  2. (b)  Has spent at least an academic year as a registered student of the University and is enrolled for an academic program;
  3. (c)  Is able and willing to affirm and subscribe to the Instruments of Identity of Uganda Christian University;
  4. (d)  Is a baptized and confirmed member of the Church of the Anglican Communion that is in fellowship with the Church of Uganda (Anglican) and;
  5. (e)  Stands on his or her own merit, and does not officially represent or receive contributions from a national political party,

The Article only applies to guild Presidential nominations, it only bars him or her from being endorsed as a Flag Bearer of a Political and receiving funds from aParty while standing for an office in UCU. 27 doesn’t deter the guild president or VP from contesting a parliamentary seat at the national level with funds from a political party.

Its a misconception aggravated by the University Obedience theory and the rule of Fear that students shouldn’t reason but obey the laws.

HON Sharon should withdraw her resignation because its constitutional  for her to stand ,i urge the guild president not to honour the letter away.Because Sharon can still serve the UCU community.

The University Administration and the Parliament needs to amend Article 27 to allow partisan politics in UCU if its students are to be of a Mega influence in future. The more students take part in party politics at campus the more they think creatively,big,get meaninfully mentors,role modes and exposed to the political arena of a country. University of Nairobi and MUK are reference campuses.

Solong as UCU students Can’t actively take part in National party politics they will remain underdogs to students of other campuses for the Next 50 years.


A Pedestrian’s Eye View of La-La-Land

Duck Pie

IMG_0404 Venice (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

Los Angeles isn’t exactly a walking city. It’s neighborhoods are far apart, crisscrossed by arterial roads and linked by twelve-lane freeways, and there’s no respite from the Southern California sun along treeless streets. But in driving everywhere, you lose something: the façades. Los Angeles is a great city for observing. And as great as it is for people watching, it’s even better for its buildings. Not the landmark buildings, but the mundane ones, the squat, nearly identical one- and two-story boxes that line every avenue and boulevard and present themselves to passersby, if they really look, through distinct riots of colors and signs and text and graphics. L.A. has a unique magic, but you have to slow down and get out of your car to see it. Here are a few photos from a four days’ wander around Tinseltown.

IMG_0042 New Chinatown (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

IMG_0046 New Chinatown (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

IMG_0059 Chinatown (J.S. Graboyes/Duck Pie)

IMG_0062 New Chinatown…

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Life in colour!.

Atim's thoughts

I have had a hell of a week..(not in the literal meaning though). I am having my end of semester exams, i have done four papers in the past week. But when two of those are Equity and Trusts, and Jurispudence, it is actually equivalent to the feeling of doing a paper each day.. Anyway, one more to go and then i will officially be a third year Law student!. Yaay… Since i am abit “free” for about three days, alittle blogging wont hurt…


Last week… Uganda lost one of her best news anchors, Rosemary Nankabirwa, to cancer.


It was a very sad moment,(for me) and many other people because watching her read news everyday for about three years made me feel like i knew her. So losing her was as painful as losing a person i know personally. And, just the day before, Ugandans had done a fundraising to…

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I few weeks ago I had a beautiful lady approach me on Twitter and ask if I would participate in her Picture Prompt.  Please visit her site and see the other entries by clicking HERE


Musical notes weaved softly

Through their quiet murmurs.

Excited anticipation drifted

Like waves through the crowd.

The casual conversations faded

As the house lights dimmed

And the crimson curtains parted.

The actors were at their marks

Ready to play their part,

And as the lines were spoken

Their laughter was her sorrow.

This comedy was her tragedy.

These scripted lines were

The beginning of her healing

But instead of humor

She saw only winter

Covering all her words

Under cold blankets of snow.

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A proposal to help curb grade inflation.

Notes On Liberty

I have a stack of midterms I’m procrastinating grading, but I’m not simply going to babble on about some minor nuisance in my own life, I’m going to expound on a modest, but promising intervention into the problem of grade inflation which, I believe, costs us millions of dollars every year.

Here’s the basic problem: schools serve a mix of roles, including signaling, human capital formation, and pure consumption. Unfortunately, universities face a problem of grade inflation. I have encountered many students who were very angry that I should even dare to suggest that a C is an acceptable grade. This, despite the fact that C has never been sold as anything but “average- simple, common, adequate but ordinary”.

And why is grade inflation a problem? It makes the signal of a college degree less meaningful. And the result is that students have to pile on ever more credentials…

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