Barons don’t just inscribe we take time just to circumvent decapitation, it was common in the medieval and Uganda is not any different from those antediluvian times. It’s been a while now, am informed Go Forward isn’t alien to most A Ugandans, if I don’t pen anything about it, who knows I may drop my position on the table of chronicles at a later time.

3rd world countries like Uganda aspire to go forward; is Uganda going forward, do we need or want to go forward, well I don’t know. My trepidation though is who takes us forward?

She/he ought to be a candid person.

I discern that one person can’t have a prerogative to take 40 million plus people and beyond forward, yet he has totally failed to take 25 million or less forward in the last 30 years. I have heard Amama reckoning that he will stand come 2016 if a democratic process is not trailed in NRM primaries, does that mean that NRM won’t fellow democracy in cherry-picking a flag bearer or he knows democracy is not part of the party itinerary, I don’t know.

Am certain that such actions are portent to regime or state collapse, they enthuse regicide and political optimism whose effects are awful. Once such ferocious actions occur, only one man is responsible.

Museveni has created this system of patronage that even a don can’t make a simple decision before he refers it to the main man for approval. Unfortunately many Civil servants, Minsters and Experts who are highly learnt have no free will to decide, what matters to them is the Divine intervention of the indivisible.

Invariably, Slogans of such a nature Pakalast, Kisanja, SOLE CANDIDATE are not started by the the Shakespeares of any country, but by political Pack leaders. They only shudder in losing political stand or be fired from to cabinet. That’s why Sevo retains a vacant cabinet seat, to inspire these alpha Males.

I think he should own up and Molt his gutsy behavior in that respect, Just for Ugandans. Such a practice makes Alpha Males more ambitious and the next agenda is to attack the Game Warden it has happened to Besigye, Bukenya and now Jajja Twitter.

I can’t fault Jajja Twitter for “Go Forward” however I need to know more about Temangalo, Chogm deals and lastly his preference for Mercedes Benz to suffering children in the North. Jajja’s conduct prompted justice Katuusi’s comment “Big Fish”, Is he a big fish any more, I don’t know.

His Slogan seems catchy; Iam told behind it is a blank pay slip waiting for only its subscribers. In reality Go Forward is much better than Sole Candidate, just for pie idem.

Sole candidature itself is an insult to me a citizen who full fills civic duties, youth and East Africans. Many will argue otherwise, i at least believe it undermines democracy which is a principal in the constitution of Uganda, vision 2040, EAC treaty and other development plans Uganda has concluded.

Under Political Parties and Organization Act (PPO), political parties are public entities which receive funds from government, should government fund undemocratic ventures? A friend once said that they business is funding undemocratic policies and activities; I had my qualms then but not now.

Persecution of negatives call them “opposition” is a burgeoning activity in Uganda especially towards election. Given its barbarity and keen to Political mob justice Police have reminded blatant and averse illegalities. I only write to convey my message to them.